On Pitzer’s Giant Israeli Flag: Israeli Apartheid Week

At 2:30 am this morning SJP members keeping watch of the mock Apartheid Wall were awoken to the sound of a few anonymous individuals hanging a massive Israeli flag from the roof of Pitzer’s McConnell.

We will not be taking it down. We don’t need to.

Rather than address the concerns of Israeli state violence that IAW brings attention to, these people seek to gloss over those crimes and assert their unconditional support for Israel and its ongoing oppression of Palestinians. When we speak truth to power with workshops, art installations, informative events and actions, they a flag.

The supporters of this action only stand to prove the point of Israeli Apartheid Week #IAW. This flag shows the ideological underpinnings of Zionism, a settler-colonial project to lay claim to Palestinian indigenous land without acknowledging the human rights abuses, the violence, the massacres, the apartheid, and the walls that are necessary to sustain this project.

We brought an artistic rendition of the Apartheid Wall to show students in Claremont a small sampling of the horrors faced by Palestinians under occupation. They did not attempt to address these crimes against humanity, instead they dropped a flag. We hope that throughout the rest of IAW this year you attend our events, listen to our message, and think critically about this 20 foot flag that was hung in an attempt to cover up the horrors of Zionist violence .

The state of Israel’s criminal actions will not be blindly tolerated on our campus anymore. We will reject the unconditional support that this flag asks us to give. We hope to develop a critical understanding of Israel and Palestine in order to build a movement in solidarity with the struggle for Palestinian liberation and the liberation of all oppressed peoples around the world.

wall and flag#freepalestine #iaw2017 #5csjp


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